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Medical Tips

Anyone who's got a horse or pony should always have a first aid kit for both horse and rider should there be an accide nt. You should also buy a good vet book to learn how to notice when there is something wrong with your horse and when it is time to call the vet, and remember your horse depends on you to do the right thing.


Colic is a very bad tummy ache and can be caused in a number of ways such as over feeding, exercising to soon after eating or even having worms. If you think your horse may have Colic you must call the vet  immediately. This illness can be life threatening if your horse tries to roll to stop the pain.



Very hot and painful hooves are one sign of Laminitis . This needs the attention of the vet. You must not try to exercise when your horse has got this problem. Another sign of Laminitis is if you see your horse trying to take the weight off its toes and sinks back on its heels.

Skin Disorders

Mud Fever, Cracked Heels, Rain Scald, Mange, Sweet Itch, Trichiphyton (Ringworm).

Digestive Disorders

Colic, Choke, Diarrhoea, Poisoning.

Leg Disorders

Bowed Tendon, Over Reach, Fracture, Strike, Sprained Tendon, Bushing, Sore Shin.

Eye, Nose And Mouth Disorders

Conjunctivitis, Cataract, Sinusitis, Nose Bleed, Guttural Pouch Problems, Dental Problems.




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