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Show Preparation

Everyone wants to do well at shows and events earning themselves rosettes and other prizes, but it is more than just getting on your horse and performing. A good appearance of yourself and your horse will help to impress the judges.

The Day Before The Show

To remove some of the hair and dirt from your horse, groom him first then wash him down to get rid of the dead skin & dust. Use a simple shampoo to bath your horse and make sure you rinse well getting rid of all the suds.  Wash the face with a soft sponge without soap. When you finish washing, use a sweat scraper to remove excess water.

You should clip the bridle path, muzzle, fetlocks, the inside of the ears, and the underside of the horse's face. Clipping your horse presents him nicely.  If you do not have clippers, you can use a pair of sharp blunt-nosed scissors.

Braiding the tail, will prevent it from getting dirty and keep it from tangling until you take it out. It is a good idea to put a tail bag over the braid, to protect it.  If you put a blanket on your horse it will keep him clean, and also lay the hair down flat.

The Morning Of The Show

Make sure that your horse eats enough breakfast as it will probably be a long day and your horse needs all his energy.  Pack a hay net and water bucket for his lunch.

Do a check list to make sure you have got everything you need for the day.  Do any last minute jobs such as putting oil on his hoofs and making sure all your tack is clean and safely in tact.

Be sure you have got everything ready for yourself such as all your clothing for the show is clean and tidy.  Most shows have catering of some kind, but if you do not want to spend any money, do yourself a packed lunch and don't forget a cold drink.

At The Show

Don't aim to arrive just in time for the show, make sure you get there at least an hour before giving yourself time to be completely ready.  The first thing you want to do after getting your horse out of the box is to have a ride around to loosen up your horse after transport. 

Unsaddle your horse and groom him down using your curry comb, dandy brush and soft brush.  Comb out the mane and tail being careful not to pull out any hairs.  Pick out your horse's feet to make sure that there are no stones stuck in them.  Do this after every class.  Put a good amount of fly repellant on your horse to stop those annoying flies.

Once all that is done, make sure you are completely ready yourself, smart and tidy.  If you have not done so previously, go and book yourself in, get your number, then pin or tie it to your self, usually the number goes on your back.

Winning is the ideal thing, but more importantly than that is to try your best and enjoy yourself.



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